About the project ProSlovo

Created by volunteer team of Kharkiv in 2017-2018.

Timeline of Slovo House isn't the only part of the Proslovo project. Besides online, there are various offline activities dedicated to this unique house: such as excursions and meetings, presentations for high-school and university students. We try to provide educational materials about Budynok Slovo to schools and libraries.

Our team

Anastasiya Kovalyova - current Slovo resident, web-developer: research, web-site programming, design, photoediting

Sophie Gissovska - architect, designer, Lviv city: 3D models, renewed plans

Igor Manzon: photoediting

Serhiy Filonenko: layout and design of print materials for exhibition, December 2017

Danylo Shtageev: 3D modelling of "Slovo" House, video

Iryna Tarovyta - Ukrainian language and literature teach, Kharkiv school №116: text proofreading

Natalie Chernyshova - publishing house "Factor" specialist: web-site content management, proofreading

Borys Filonenko - curator of ComeIn art gallery : co-curator "Slovo House: Chronology exhibition, December 2017"

Olga Cheremska, Marina Kutsenko, Tetiana Trofymenko - Kharkiv Literature museum co-workers - consultation, providing archive materials

Yaryna Tsymbal - Ukrainian literature critic and scientists, researcher of 1920-s literature, Ukrainian avagarde, Kyiv city: consultation, providing photography from archives

Andriy Paramonov - historian, researcher of Kharkiv: consultational help for section "1920-30-s Literature Map of Kharkiv"

Join or help Proslovo: info@proslovo.com.

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